Nothing radiates JOY like a field of sunflowers eh? Galway Sunflower Picking will open on the farm, at the same site as Galway Pumpkin Patch, for the first time this year. Excited much ?!! The sunflowers have been planted and we are hopeful of a great crop come mid August. We can’t give an exact date for Sunflower Picking to open as yet because it will be growth dependent. Keep an eye on our Social Media channels as Facebook and Instagram is always updated regularly. The Sunflower Picking event will incorporate some of the usual fun that’s included in the Pumpkin Patch (minus the pumpkins obviously!) and some new exciting additions to our event. Alongside our toddler play area, which was new for 2022 – and sooooo popular with the smallies, we have added more playground activities for slightly older children – a tower with a double slide unit, climbing frames, monkey bars and some more surprises! We also have all the usual fun and games – Crazy Golf, Bowling, Ball in the Bucket, Ring the Bull, Throw the Beanbag and a cool new Basketball game, so there is lots to enjoy.